Wednesday, August 23, 2006

TWS continues untreated

So my friend with the not-so-trophy girl that he's dating mentions that it's time to break it off.
And it's been a very short time since date 1.
She's lazy, doesn't want to work, and other reasons, that raise the concern that she could read this and identify herself, but suffice to say she has severe TWS.
Another example of TWS that needs severe treatment, like maybe I need to ask Congress to fund a national TWS counseling camp, get Arnold the Governator to be my spokesman, and campaign to save the children from the horrors of TWS. I mean, won't somebody think of the children? This will lead to more women getting married, no skills, then they have babies, then the guy realizes that she's not such a trophy anymore, and whammo, we're supporting those kids on public money. So please, if you know a woman like this, think of the children and intervene.
So she's mad at me and Deek because we're teasing her about painting the basement on our Deek's new house and then she ignores me when I try to show her something in the mega-store. *** (see below for why she was mad)

Her: "You wanted to show me something"
Me: "yes"
Her: "But I wasn't ignoring you, I'm not that mad at you, but I'm mad at Deek"
She looks at the table top barbecue unit (I mean really, BBQ ribs indoors, no fire, no standing with mosquitos!)
then we see a little grill like in our kitchen, but in black like Deek's new house,
And the demo is missing the dial knob
Her: "You could get it in black to match the kitchen counters"
Deek: "yea but I want one with a knob"
I say "Deek prefers the knob"
Her: "Yea, I'm starting to think that too."

Not that she has painted the basement yet, but that she was worried she might not do it well, so we made fun of how could you mess up painting walls?
I joked with the girl at the paint desk that we'd be back for an extra gallon after we spill one on the floor.
She made the following comment to the cashier: "If I screw this up, it will be on the news"
Which lead me to create headlines:
"Girl Spills Paint, Al Qaeda Declares War on House Painters"
"Girl Gets Paint on Carpet, Thousands Commit Mass Suicide at Sign of Apocalypse"
"Bad Paint Job Ruins U.S. Economy, Congressman Johnson Demands Investigation"
"Google announces Google:Paint, with Martha Stewart as spokeswoman"
"Woman gets paint on new shoes, runs screaming into street"
"Massive Traffic Jam Caused by Light Mauve Trim"
Which is why she was mad at me by the time we got to the second store.