Thursday, August 24, 2006

Before the curb

Ok, so in discussing what should be done with the not-so-trophy girl, I suggested that he talk to her to make his position clear. That way if she wants to be a trophy girl, she'll understand that she needs to keep in shape, clean up around the house, eat well, and take care of herself so that she'll be shiny and new and he'll feel it's worth it to have her as a trophy girl.
I mean, sure, a pinto has a lot of pep and can look nice, but it's a pinto. Not a lot of those in the Woodward Dream Cruise.
Now if a girl wants to be a trophy, she needs to have curves like a Corvette, the Stingray editions.
Not an HHR. Sure, it's roomy and you can put a lot of junk in the trunk, but how would it handle on the dance floor?
(Wow, can I make my analogies any more confusing?)


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