Thursday, August 24, 2006


Do you have involuntary facial reactions to things?
I've learned from several different women how to control my "That was the dumbest/silliest/ridiculous/insulting thing you ever said to me" face.
Not all my friends have.
Yvette and I spent the evening putting down the painter tape around the baseboards and trim for our friend that's moving into his new place this weekend, two of the women are going over tomorrow to paint the basement that we just taped up.
So we discussed the issue of "tape the ceiling edge or not"
And Veronica prefers to just use what I call the painters shield, a little metal/plastic edge that you put up at the top of the wall.
Deek has worked as a painter before and feels that true professionals can use a brush and not get paint on the ceiling.
I'm just hoping that of the 3 gallons that enough gets on the walls before they drip/spill/spatter the rest onto the floor/ceiling/each other.
So Deek comes in, sees the nice tape job and Yvette says:
"You need to go to the store tonight and get us a plastic thing so we can paint along the ceiling or more tape"
And Deek and I discussed those last night, so I interpreted: "The yellow plastic paint shield that was next to the painter tape"
And he makes a face involuntarily to convey once again "professionals use a brush"
Yvette sees him make it and responds: "If you're going to smirk like that, then you paint it. I don't need to do this, you can do it yourself Mister."
Deek: "I didn't smirk"
Me: "Well, you did make a little face, like a moue."
End result:
After we get pizza, Deek's on the way to the store for the paint shield.

And maybe tomorrow, lessons on how to control those involuntary facial expressions.

Zeb out.


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